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Choose 2 or Choose 3 Gift Bags $14.00 or $19.00
You know your friends, and you know what they like.  So build a custom gift bag to suit their tastes!  Choose from any of our breads and optional gift items to build your perfect gift.  See store for details  
The Abundant Box $32.00
Our best selling tray is the perfect demonstration of your generous nature.  Includes a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the specialty loaf of the day,  a jar of gourmet jam, a Great Harvest Spreading Knife, and an 8 oz honey bear.  Perfect!  Have your tray wrapped in cellophane with a bow for $5 extra!.
Basket of Gratitude $58.00
Say thank you in a big way!  A stunning arrangement featuring a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, the specialty loaf of the day, the cake bread of the day,  a bag of our own Great Harvest Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix,  a jar of gourmet jam, a Great Harvest bread Knife, a Great Harvest Spreading Knife,  and an 8 oz honey bear.  All in a towel-lined basket.  Have your basket wrapped in cello with a bow for just $5 extra.
Bread & Oil Planter Box $32
Ask any italian buff what goes best with bread?  That's easy!  Balsamic Vinegar and Oilive Oil!  So we've combined this classic duo into a gift set with a loaf of fresh Classic Sourdough, a loaf of Honey Whole Wheat, and a Great Harvest Dipping Bowl. All wrapped up in cello inside a beautiful vintage planter box for use later!
Breads N' Spreads Tray $48
For those that like a little variety, this cello-wrapped tray includes 2 jars of custom labeled jam, an 8 oz. tub of Vanilla Honey Butter, a 12 oz. bottle of Honeyville Cinnamon Honey Spread, a 6 oz. bottle of flavored dipping oil, an 8 oz. honey bear, and a Great Harvest dipping bowl. And what are dips without bread? Includes a fresh loaf of Honey Whole Wheat and a loaf of classic Sourdough!
Extravagant Basket $99.00
An unforgettable gift!  In addition to the contents of the Basket of Gratitude, this basket includes a 100% whole wheat Great Harvest pancake mix, a bottle of Great Harvest raspberry syrup, a hardwood bread cutting board, a GH Pancake Turner, a can of Great Harvest Specialty Cocoa, and a $10 Great Harvest Gift Card.  All wrapped in cello with a bow at no extra charge! 
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